Six Reasons
For Choosing a Hearton Hotel

Easy to reach

Every Hearton Hotel is no more than an easy 5-minute walk from a train station.
Even first-time guests will have no problem getting to their Hearton Hotel.

Free Wi-Fi access

Every Hearton Hotel offers free Wi-Fi on the premises.

12 noon checkout

Every Hearton Hotel has a 12 noon checkout time.
Enjoy a relaxed time in the morning without having to watch the clock.
The check-out time at Hearton Hotel Shinsaibashi Nagahoridori is 11:00 am.

24-hour reception

The front desk is always staffed, ready to help with whatever you require. Enhanced security for female guests is also a plus.

Breakfast with Japanese and Western choices

Every Hearton Hotel offers a full breakfast buffet.
(In Kyoto, guests have a choice between the buffet and breakfast in the traditional Japanese restaurant.)
This also makes it easy for overseas guests to experience new tastes.
(* Food is not halal certified.)

Simmons beds in all rooms

The beds in our hotels feature comfy Simmons mattresses renowned for their excellent quality.
Get a good night's sleep and start the next day with new energy.

Hotel List

OSAKAHearton Hotel

Hearton Hotel Nishiumeda

OSAKAHearton Hotel

Hearton Hotel kitaumeda

OSAKAHearton Hotel

Hearton Hotel shinsaibashi

OSAKAHearton Hotel
Shinsaibashi Nagahoridori

Hearton Hotel Shinsaibashi Nagahoridori

KYOTOHearton Hotel

Hearton Hotel kyoto

TOKYOHearton Hotel

Hearton Hotel higashishinagawa